First month for Emma’s Diary

We have started our Emma’s Diary portraits this week and things have got off to a flying start with some very cute babies and toddlers coming into the studio. The take up has been much higher than expected with over thirty sittings booked in for the next three weeks!

Lily, Zack & Max

The three Tweedie children came into the studio this week for their first portrait all together. Despite the fact the all three are all under five, I did manage to capture them all smiling at the same time for a couple of shots!

Baby Freya Woodhead’s first portrait

Freya Woodhead came to the studio with her Mummy and Daddy last week for her very first portrait. She had a combination of dressed and nude shots taken with and without her parents. She seemed to enjoy her time in the studio and we look forward to seeing her again in a few months time when she is sitting up and no doubt a little more mobile!

A surprise family portrait for Mr & Mrs Gillespie before they move to Singapore!

Sunday 3rd August

Today I photographed the Gillespie’s together with their son and daughter’s partners to record the family before Mr & Mrs Gillespie move Singapore for a couple of years next week. The portrait was a surprise gift for mum the rest of the family as a lasting memory of everybody before they go their separate ways for a while. Proofing took place two days later and all the enlargements are now printed and ready for transporting across the seas!