Rock the Box!

Rock the Box is

a great way


displaying a modern

Family Portrait

Photographing a Family in a box, is so much fun, the whole family can bring in objects/props that mean a lot to them, which helps to make these sessions flow and are more relaxed, it’s also a good way of showing size difference between the children, the sessions are covered by each child, then groups and then parents etc, all going into the Box and having fun, giving a huge choice of images for the family to choose from at the viewing, which enables them to design a finished framed print, unique to that family.

To find out more information, complete the form, and we will contact you to explain everything, you can then decide if you wish to book your session.

Session Price £49, Prints start from £50

As a thank you for completing the form below and booking your session appointment, we will give you a £25 gift voucher to spend at your viewing

Children’s Colouring Book

I have sourced a really good Colouring book for your children to work on during this “Lockdown” period.

If you would like one sent to you (you will need to be able to print it) message me with your email address.

Please share this with your family and friends, it’s free, and will be a great memory of your child’s thoughts at this time to look back on in years to come.

Stay Safe, Stay at home.

Puppy’s Diary

We are thinking about offering a Puppy’s Diary set of photographs, this would cover the Puppy’s stages of 3/4, 8 and 12 months, we would professionally photograph your puppy in our Barnstaple Studio, at all the stages, from which you would choose one image from each session (you would be able to purchase other images at each stage, and include your family for photographs as well) at the end of all three sessions you would receive a framed print showing each stage of your Puppy’s 1st year, along with your Puppy’s name on it.

The normal cost for these sessions and the framed print would be £250

Special launch offer price £49

If you would like to book your Puppy’s 1st session, contact us on 01271 344480, and we will fully explain and book your 1st session.

Newborn Art Experience

Our Newborn Art Experience sessions are something a little different and special for babies between 2 and 10 days old. More time is set aside than usual as we incorporate several different props to accommodate sleepy and settled babies, all of which takes time and patience. The Barnstaple studio will always be warm and welcoming for baby and parents alike with refreshments on hand for mum and dad. Due to babies not always arriving on time,  we will book a preliminary appointment, based around your due date in the diary so as not to miss the window of opportunity when baby does make an appearance.

We will stay in contact around due date but keep it to a minimum as we don’t want to get in the way during this very special time. Alan has many years experience in photographing babies of all ages so rest assured we will do everything to make your visit as calm and comfortable as we can and for all concerned. To discuss or book a Newborn Art Experience please call us on 01271 344480.