Puppy’s Diary

We are thinking about offering a Puppy’s Diary set of photographs, this would cover the Puppy’s stages of 3/4, 8 and 12 months, we would professionally photograph your puppy in our Barnstaple Studio, at all the stages, from which you would choose one image from each session (you would be able to purchase other images at each stage, and include your family for photographs as well) at the end of all three sessions you would receive a framed print showing each stage of your Puppy’s 1st year, along with your Puppy’s name on it.

The normal cost for these sessions and the framed print would be £250

Special launch offer price £49

If you would like to book your Puppy’s 1st session, contact us on 01271 344480, and we will fully explain and book your 1st session.

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