Alan Schofield Collection


Choose from the extensive collection of images that myself and my family have taken of beautiful landmarks around the UK and the world

Our collection of prints has been assembled over the past twenty years giving a wide range of subjects from notable landscapes and seascapes to urban landmarks and buildings.

Every print that is ordered will have been professionally edited and individually printed for you to bringing out the very best clarity and detail. It can then be purchased in one of the sizes listed as a simple print or as a mounted and titled print.

To view the complete Collection please  click here



Old Prints HeaderOur collection of Old West Country prints has been very popular over the years with locals and visitors alike. Scenes of towns, villages, landscapes, celebrations, trains and folks in general provide a fascinating insight into times gone by. All prints are available in black and white only and each one has been edited to provide the best clarity possible. To view the complete Collection of Old Prints of the West Country please click here

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