1st Tutorial in the new series has been posted…

The 1st in a series of ten tutorials on “Running a Professional Photography Business has been added to my “You Tube Channel” for you all to watch and hopefully enjoy, but more importantly benefit from the help & tips I give..

The series has been designed to help you either re-brand (to upgrade your photography business and increase your profit) or help you start a business as a Professional Photographer, the 1st tutorial is all about knowing and understanding your ideal client, this is fundamentally one of the most important subjects in running a business, any business, as if you don’t know who your clients are, then you have no idea on how to market your business, and what to charge..

The tutorial runs you through a easy to understand set of questions that you need to answer to find your ideal client.

To watch the tutorial click the image below, and remember to subscribe and hit the bell, you will then be notified when I post the next tutorial in the series

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