Business Marketing & Landscape Photography School

Business Marketing & Landscape Photography School.

I’m so excited about the future, and how I can help you succeed in this wonderful but hard world of Professional Photography.

Along with a weekly newsletter I will be posting video’s on the “tutorial channel” explaining, guiding and helping you if you wish to try my methods, these online tutorials will be mixed with reviews and small workshops, the first of these tutorials are set up as a series, looking into each main factor that everybody needs to address as part of running or setting up a photography business.

Early into 2022, I will be organising workshops and ‘one 2 one’ meetings for those that wish to have a closer look at your photography business.

However I know 100’s of top quality photographers, that have a poor business, but far less that are good at understanding marketing/business, who have a very profitable business.
But if you are serious about your Photography Business, the most important aspect is MARKETING..
We will also be looking into a passion of mine, Landscape Photography, all of this will be a “How I do/did” it, in a step by step process, these tutorials will be a real hands on experience, as I will show you how (and what with) I take a image (good or bad) out in this wonderful world of ours, alongside any editing that might be needed on the images.


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