Creating a client list in Sendinblue : step by step guide

1st Tutorial for the series on ‘how to use Sendinblue

‘How to create a client list’

Link for the step by step tutorial below, click the large image.

If you don’t have email marketing campaigns for your photography business, you may be missing a HUGE opportunity, as active email accounts are set to hit 5.6 billion this year, making email marketing is more powerful than ever.

The internet is feeling like a collection of algorithms, flooding adverts of users as they navigate to the content that interests them. Email is different – it gives consumers control and allows them to opt-in to receive information from the businesses that matter most to them.

In my experience, there’s a right way and a wrong way to email marketing enabling your business to grow. Here’s what you need to know.

Create your list and check it twice…

Successful photography related email marketers are perceived as helpful and interested in the unique needs of the client. That’s why I don’t recommend buying a list of email addresses off the internet. Sending an email to someone that didn’t request to be on your list is really bad for your branding and your business

A very high percentage of your messages will be flagged as spam – meaning your email address could be blacklisted.

Instead, direct clients to your website and invite them to sign-up for your email newsletter. You can even ask the individual signing up what they are most interested in about your brand.

In return for signing up, you should offer them something of value right away – this is called an “opt-in offer”. Examples include special discount vouchers or free sessions – delivered directly to their inbox upon signing up.

Grow your list organically.

You don’t need thousands of email addresses in order to run a successful photography marketing campaign. What you do need are email addresses for potential clients that value what your business offers.

The quality of your list is way more important than the quantity. And remember – never buy email lists online!


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