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Email Marketing is by far the best form of contacting your (past, today or future) clients, it’s the cheapest form of marketing, and if done correctly the most efficient, as you are contacting people who either used your services before, or have agreed to give you their information via a signup form ect.

One of the best ways of doing this is to use Sendinblue, this is a all in one programme that is free, it allows you to create forms, from which you can collect potential and current clients information, you can then send Business Emails, Weekly Newsletters, launch promotions all from your Photography Business.

Collecting clients information/data will become the most valuable item within your business, as it’s with this data that you can contact clients direct, but more importantly, clients that have either spent with you before or have inquired about your Photography services, making these clients far more likely to book you, ie what is called “Warm data”  

I have been asked to make a set of tutorials explaining everything regarding @Sendinblue, making it as simple as possible to learn how to use the programme for the benefit of running a successful Photography Business, so the first video is on the education channel, click the image below for the link.
The graphic below shows the percentage of Emails that small business send in a survey carried out by AE Weber, you can see that for your business to on-running profit making success, the average amount of times to use your data and contact your clients is at least once a week, the type and content for this coverage will be covered in up-coming tutorials soon.
Link for Sendinblue
This weeks tutorials are all about Email Marketing
The 1st in the series is a look at what email marketing is, and how Sendinblue can help you with your marketing
Also the 1st mini workshop has been added, topic is “how to create a client list”
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