Landscape Photography help & Tips

Another exciting venture is my ‘Landscape Photography‘ help & tips…

I first got involved in photography as a hobby, when I was a teenager (that seems so long ago) and landscapes along with following F1 around Europe were the two main passions, cutting a long story short, I haven’t really taken a photo for myself (IE one that I haven’t been paid for) for around 35+ years, so having the time and the fact that we will be exploring the UK soon, will allow me to re kindle my love of Landscape Photography again, which I’m going to document and record tutorials along the way.

I will look into improving your snapshots, helping you achieve that correct balance in a image, look into ‘Fine Art’ landscape photography, Black & White, and also Panorama’s, moving forward we will look into ‘Long Exposures’ and also the equipment needed, even testing some equipment, I will also look into how you can get the best print from your images (I provide a Professional printing service if you wish to use it) also how to show case your images online.

If you are interested in any of the above, sign up for the ‘ Landscape Photography Newsletter‘  which will provide FREE tips and inform you of the latest tutorial and workshops.



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