Welcome to Alan Schofield Photography. we ran a studio at 51 Bear Street, Barnstaple for over 35 years covering all aspects of photography which includes babies, children, families, pets, weddings and much more, winning numerous national professional awards. A large part of my work now involves raising money for charities from professional photography throughout the UK. I have a growing network of professional photographers who I work with on a day to day basis, we all have our loyal customers who are very supportive of our efforts and hope that this will continue over the coming years.
I feel that I should introduce myself to you and let you know my history as a Professional Photographer. It all started 35 years ago, when I opened and started to run a photographic retail shop, in Barnstaple, North Devon England, part of the business was providing Development & Printing for both Professional and amateur photographers, it didn’t take long before I was asked to provide a Wedding Photography Service, and 18 months later the Photography side of my business had taken over the retail side of the business, with the business expanding I moved to larger premises to setup a full printing lab, along with a large studio, office, reception and viewing room, and my business has continued to run from the same premises now for over 30 years, covering on average between 40/60 weddings, and approx. 1,000 portraits each year, a fantastic mixture of New-born, Children, Family and Pet Portraits as well as providing schools and nursery children with their school portraits.
Over the years we have won many national awards for our photography, something that we are very proud of. I set up The National Portrait Awards in 2016 with another photographer and through this group we have personally helped over 100 fellow Professional Photographers run successful promotions, raising over £300,000 for national charities (Guide Dogs for the Blind, Dogs Trust, CRY and the Lullaby Trust) and local charities, and more importantly providing well over 30,000 portrait sessions, which if all portrait sessions provided a sale of £100.00 (which is very low) would have meant a turnover of £3,000,000…….all in the past 4 years, some of those photographers have taken the help and experience I provided, and are now running their own successful promotions for local charities of their choice, I am proud of the work I have done in helping them to run and build a profitable Photography Business and achieve the sales figures they need. I’m now going to offer this my experience and advice FREE through my website and You tube channel.
So that’s enough about the past, I’m so excited about the future, and how I can help you succeed in this wonderful but hard world of Professional Photography. Along with a monthly newsletter I will be posting video’s on the “You Tube” channel explaining, guiding and helping you if you wish to try my methods. We will also be looking into a passion of mine, Landscape Photography, all of this will be a “How I do/did” it, there are thousands of people on You Tube showing how they do similar things, and that is what makes photography such an adventure.

Although we were a very busy studio we did try and ensure that we remained as ‘family friendly’ as possible by connecting with our customers on a personal basis by phone, email and text or via social media out of hours. All of our latest news, offers and promotions are available to view on our Facebook Page so don’t forget to take a look every once in a while so as not to miss out!

Due to health reasons we had to close the studio in 2021, but have moved the “focus” of the business into teaching and Landscape photography.

Please visit our Contact Us page for directions and other information you might find useful.

Thank you.

Alan Schofield