Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on attaining your degree, it’s a huge milestone in your life and one that should be recorded!  

No doubt your graduation ceremony has been cancelled due to the pandemic so you will be missing out on those professional graduation portraits, not to mention all the parties and the celebrations that are all part of it, we can’t help with the parties but we can help with the professional portrait.

Bring your family to our Barnstaple based studio and have a choice of poses both individually and as a family. We can privide a gown and mortarboard at a small extra charge but not the sash from your designated university alternatively you can provide your own ceremonial clothing. We will only be carrying out one graduation portrait per day so that it gives us time to keep the clothing and studio cleaned and sanitised as necessary.  We aim for your graduation session to be fun, relaxed and totally stress free, no production line photography here! Parents, siblings and grandparents will be welcome, subject to the current Covid-19 government guidelines.

We will contact you direct as soon as we have a date for reopening and can make your appointment for you along with discussing all your requirements. Unfortunately due to the current situation we find ourselves in, we will only be able to book a confirmed session from the middle of September on as there are many cancelled sessions to catch up on before then.

If you feel this of interest and you wish to book a session before we reopen (potentially from the 20th July) please contact us to pay your £40 booking fee now and you will recive an addditional £25 to spend on photographs at the studio when you come and view your images.

If you would like to book you private Graduation Photoshoot please call 01271 344480 or complete the enquiry form below and we will call you back.

£40 session only (you would need to provide your own gown, hood & mortarboard etc)

£70 session includes using the gown, mortarboard and sash we can provide for the shoot

£95 session includes using the gown, mortarboard and a sash (but not the sash from your designated university) we can provide for the shoot, also includes and one 8×6 print

If you would like to purchase your own gown, sash and mortarboard, we can recommend a national company that supplies university colours for over 34 of the UK’s leading universities

If you would like to purchase framed and print packages that you can share with your family, we have three fantastic packages available for you listed below:

Packages Available

Please complete the form, we will then contact you to discuss your requirements and book your session for you.

Or call us on 01271 344480