Large Group Photography

Here at Alan Schofield Photography we are well equipped to carry out ‘Large Group’ photography either at the studio or on location at a venue. We are available to cover military groups on base and with security being a priority, these images would never be readily available for members of the public to see so password protected if necessary. This is also relevant to schools/ nurseries, so would be able to attend to cover individual pupils, classes and full school photographs at various times of the year as and when required. Large gatherings to celebrate birthdays and special anniversaries etc. are also very popular with families and would be covered in the same way as described as above. I am also asked to photograph sports teams, scout groups, choirs and pretty much anything else really! These events do need to be booked well in advance if they need to be done during studio time but can also be done on an evening or at weekends subject to availability.

For more information or to book an event please call 01271 344480.