Keep your identity up to date

We offer a professional service providing photography for passports, visas, driving licences and general ID cards. This is not an instant turnaround of photographs like some other express establishments but prints can usually be ready (depending on the day of the week) within 24 hours of the photos being taken; they can be posted or made available in digital format and sent by email. We have the guidelines and requirements for most countries relating to passports but will sometimes ask you to bring paperwork along with you just to make sure we get the dimensions and wording correct.

Babies need passports too, so don’t be afraid to ask for a separate shot to be taken if needed during one of your scheme sessions, alternatively you can book a 10 minute appointment  on another day if need be. The passport guidelines for a babies and children are not as strict as for adults don’t worry about getting it done, we can accommodate you at any stage.

If you require a set of passport or ID photographs please call us on 01271 344480 to book a time as walk in appointments not generally available. The cost is £10 per for four photographs (adults or children) and £5 extra for each additional set thereafter. If you are disabled or have special needs we should be able to accommodate you but please mention if you are in a wheelchair when you book so that we can check access to the studio.