Identification / Non-Passport I.D. Photos

The most common form of non-passport identification photos are for driving licenses, blue badges and travel passes (bus pass, tram pass, train pass).


The rules and regulations vary for these photographs. Below is a list of general guidelines common to all of the aforementioned identification photos.

•Subject must be looking straight ahead.

•Glasses are best removed if they reflect the light.

•Facial expression should be neutral.

•No hats or scarves should be worn, unless they are worn for medical or religious reasons.


The photo set is £10.00 and you will receive a set of 4 photographs (additional sets cost £5.00 per set)

Job Application Photographs

Many job applications now require identification photographs.

Common institutions and companies that require such photographs are:

•Airline crew.

•Security Personnel.

•Airport Staff.

•Technology companies.


Job application photo sets cost £20.00.  You will receive a set of two 4×6 photos (depicting your full body) and a set of four passport size photographs (showing your head and shoulders).