Special Products

We thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of the additional products we have to offer here at the studio. 
Our most recent addition is a very smart USB stick in either baby pink, baby blue or black as shown below. Many of our customers have chosen one of these sticks once they have finished their schemes and chosen a a designated number of images in low resolution to view on their laptop or digital device. High resolution images may also be purchased but cost a little more.  
Alternatively you could choose a selection of your favourite images from your sessions and have them displayed in a bespoke personalised storybook album complete with presentation box. Again these come in a selection of colours and designs.
For more information on either of these products please call 01271 344480 and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.  

Generations Portrait Sitting

With the First World War commemorations in everyone’s thoughts at the moment, we wanted to share with you an image from a sitting we did last week of four generations of the same family.
Why not include Grandparents and maybe even Great Grandparents in your next photo shoot, it will be a lasting memory that you will treasure for years to come…
Call us today on 01271 344480 to book your generations portrait session.

Family Portrait Club

Due to the succes of Emma’s Diary we have just introduced a new scheme called the Family Portrait Club. This offer consists of a portrait sitting at our studio and a complimentary 10×8 print (normal cost £55). Photographs of the family all together and individually can be taken at the session and the images viewed and selected on our large screen a few days later. Once a member of the Family Portrait Club any future sittings will be exempt from the £25 sitting charge. For more details call in to the studio at Bear Street or phone 01271 344480.

Easter Portrait Update

With Easter just around the corner, baby portraits seem to be as popular as ever with around twenty sittings a week booking into our studio in Bear Street, Barnstaple. We have been as busy during the first three months of this year as we were in the lead up to Christmas!

We have photographed three sets of twins up to now which does prove to be quite demanding at times but also a lot of fun too! Our diary is currently booked for three weeks in advance, so ring now to book your Easter portrait sitting 01271 344480.

Emma’s Diary update

We have been running the Emma’s Diary scheme for about six months now and thought it might be a good idea to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how it all works.

It can’t really be free surely it must be a con?
If you return the reply card within the stated time (normally two weeks from receipt of the information) registration is free, if you join after that date the cost is £25. You are invited to the studio for a sitting at four to six monthly intervals over the course of the year. You will be able to choose one image from each sitting to be presented in a framed triple folio at the end of the year, free of charge. Additional prints may be purchased at any time but you are under no obligation to do so. Reprint prices start from £10.

How long does each sitting take?
We allow approximately 45 minutes for the first sitting and a little less for the second and third. The photography takes between 10 and 20 minutes, the rest of the time can often be spent getting your baby changed, fed, settled etc.

Can I also bring my other children along to be photographed?
Yes, that’s absolutely fine as long as you realise that the free framed folio only applies to the new baby. Photographs of older brothers and sisters or other family members can be taken at the same time but prints have to be purchased separately.

I have just received my Emma’s Diary information but my baby is already over six months old, is it still worth me registering?
We receive details regarding new babies from the Lloyds Pharmacy group but sometimes the information can be up to nine months old. If your baby is already past the newborn stage we can still cover a year’s development but it just means that it will have started a little later than usual.

We hope that you have found this information helpful but if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01271 344480 or email [email protected]

Portrait update

Here are some shots from just a few portraits taken in the run up to Christmas. Despite the current economic climate we have been busier than ever this year photographing approximately ten portraits a week. January has got off to a good start with the same amount of bookings each week including Saturdays and Sundays which are fully booked now until the beginning of February.

First month for Emma’s Diary

We have started our Emma’s Diary portraits this week and things have got off to a flying start with some very cute babies and toddlers coming into the studio. The take up has been much higher than expected with over thirty sittings booked in for the next three weeks!

Baby Freya Woodhead’s first portrait

Freya Woodhead came to the studio with her Mummy and Daddy last week for her very first portrait. She had a combination of dressed and nude shots taken with and without her parents. She seemed to enjoy her time in the studio and we look forward to seeing her again in a few months time when she is sitting up and no doubt a little more mobile!